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Educational Data Mining in Writing and Literacy Instruction

Welcome to the Educational Data Mining in Writing and Literacy Instruction Workshop. This workshop will be hosted at EDM’24 in a hybrid format. The in-person event will be in Atlanta, Georgia, on July 14th, 2024. A detailed schedule will be announced later.

This workshop has two major parts: A tutorial session and a paper presentation session.

Registration Instruction: To register for the workshop, please register for the EDM Conference. Any registration type will include admission to the workshop. 

Please take a look at this page for more information, like the detailed schedule and list of paper presentations, before you go to the workshop.


During the tutorial session, we will introduce The Writing Observer.This introduction will include a discussion of our overall architecture, an introduction to data analysis and evaluation tools, and the basic interface framework. The first half of this tutorial will be a demo of the tool we’re building; we have several major components ready to present and receive feedback from the community, including a modular framework for processing learning or writing process data, a suite of NLP algorithms for extracting features from student writings, a system for rapidly developing teaching-facing dashboards, an event streaming library featuring pretty robust queuing, and more. We will work through the steps to install the system, having participants build a few dashboards and letting us know what they think, as well as what would be needed to make this useful for their own work and possible research collaborations.

Paper Session

The objective of this session is to facilitate a discussion among our research community around Educational Data Mining (EDM) and AI in Writing and Literacy Education. The workshop is meant to be an interdisciplinary event. Researchers, faculty, and students are welcomed and encouraged to submit their work and share their data mining approaches, methodologies, and experiences where AI is transforming the way students learn Writing skills. 

Here is a detailed Call for Paper and list of organizers.

The paper should be submitted through EasyChair.

Late-breaking research submission

We now accept any original late-breaking scientific research conducted and submitted after our original paper deadline. The late-breaking research work must be a topic related to writing and literacy education and must be a presentable work. You are welcome to submit your interesting in-progress work. The deadline for late-breaking submission is July 1st. And you can submit it through EasyChair.

Important Dates